Tony Loton

Creative Director, Writer, Editor, Publishing Consultant, Journalist and Educator



Creative Director

I'm the director of my own company, and I'm pretty creative (working with words and pictures), so I guess that makes me the Creative Director.


I have a way with words and a passion for prose. I've written witty words for web sites, serious stuff for stockbrokers, and technical content for companies such as Microsoft. Oh, and I've been commissioned to write books on financial and technical topics.


I worked for many years as a freelance editor via Elance and Upwork, turning authors' literary sows' ears into silk purses. Here's just one of the books I edited. More recently, I have worked as an editor for Website Planet

Publishing Consultant

I have helped many authors such as Dr. Vuong take their books all the way to Amazon by providing interior layout, cover design and other publishing consultancy services.


In a previous life I did my fair share of freelance financial journalism for Smart Investor magazine and The Motley Fool, and more recently I've "kept my hand in" by writing more entertaining content for the Sentinel newspaper.


In another previous life I notched up many hours developing and delivering training courses for private providers and as an associate lecturer for the Open University.